I was a young Mum first and foremost: became a pre-school committee member; ran my own day nursery business (as a ‘newbie’) followed by work as a Hampshire County Council Business Advisor, Trainer and Coach. Finally, 3 years ago I set up my own consultancy business, Early Years Advocacy.

In this time, I’ve had many new and exciting opportunities, stretching me out of my ‘comfort zone’ at times. By doing so I’ve also had new experiences.

Many of you reading this now will feel the same or perhaps you will be thinking ‘I’d like new experiences’? Whatever your situation, it’s good to reflect on a regular basis. To consider what’s important for yourself and where your priorities sit. Things change. Ultimately you may need to refocus.

You can do this quite simply by asking yourself:

What has changed?

How has this altered my priorities?

What is most important to me right now?

What do I need to do more of?

What do I need to do less of?

What can I start doing now to give me what I want?

What should I stop doing because it is taking up my valuable time and not helping me?

Setting yourself a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timebound) goal is imperative.

Refocusing your time and energy on your goal is also therapeutic and provides renewed enthusiasm and motivation, whether you have something that you want to achieve in your personal life or in your work life, or both.

I’ve spent the last few months doing just this; refocusing.

What has transpired is the desire to do more of what I most enjoy, not just within early years education and childcare but in other sectors too.

Working with people to help them to achieve success. Whatever that may be for the individual – with my support there has been a positive outcome – ‘developing people to achieve success’.

You can read more about this within my Case Studies.

Always striving to get the best from people and building strong relationships.

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