Relationship Building

The subject of ‘building good relationships’ could be a contentious subject. It will depend on your perception of what a ‘good relationship’ looks and feels like. Questions need to be asked.

Do you often hear or read of other people’s good relationships?

They may talk about how ‘great’ it is for them and do you think why can’t I have that – whether it be with your partner, your boss or any other significant person in your life? But how do you know that their ‘great’ would be right for you too?

Fact: people are often looking for different things from their relationships in either their personal life or at work, so you must ask yourself: ‘‘what do I really want – what would be ‘great’ for me?’’

Keep in mind that most relationships are not perfect but improving a relationship which is difficult or not currently how you want it to be is truly worth the effort for so many reasons.

If you are spending a lot of time just thinking about a relationship that you have then Strive can help.

Do you want . . . . . .

More contentment, harmony, happiness and less uncertainty, stress or conflict?

If you could be more positive, assertive, confident and less negative, submissive or doubtful, would this make a difference?

Consider how the relationship may be influencing life at home or at work; is it having a negative impact on relationships with other family members or friends or is it affecting your ability to do your job effectively?

Are you constantly overthinking arguments which perhaps ended badly with no compromises and no outcome or way forward agreed?

If so how can you take more control of the relationships that are important to you so that you can lead a more fulfilling life?

What are your expectations? What is the reality of your situation? How could things change to give you that relationship that you can honestly say is ‘great’ and how you can build ‘better relationships’ in future

You may need help in being honest with yourself. This is a good starting point and Strive can support in unpicking what is right for you.

Some common factors that create good relationships:

  • Being able to communicate effectively – in a clear and direct way;
  • Being confident – presenting yourself in a way that builds more assurance in others;
  • Using body language and the tone of voice effectively – what you are saying mirrors how you look;
  • Being able to ask the right questions to get what you want from a situation (but being assertive rather than aggressive);
  • Building trust and knowing how to do this;
  • Having mutual respect;
  • Accepting differences of opinion, perception and of views;
  • Taking personal responsibility for your own actions and what you say;
  • Showing positivity;
  • And ultimately being able to be open and honest with yourself and with others.

Working with Strive on relationship building can also provide additional benefits. It can support with:

Developing approaches to help with relationship building in the future;

Raising self-awareness and helping you to see how you may appear to others;

Changing how you behave to achieve a more positive outcome;

Understanding the importance of building rapport and strategies to help you;

Ascertaining the key people that have an impact on your success or failure;

And most importantly, giving you more time to spend on the other important things in your life – relationships really do matter, so invest time now in developing this important life skill of ‘Relationship Building’.

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