A range of one-to-one support is available through ‘Strive’ depending on your need, personally and/or professionally.

Often people are very clear about what they don’t want BUT are not always so sure about what they do want instead:

‘I don’t want to constantly feel under pressure at work’.

‘I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do’.

‘I can’t say “no” when my colleagues ask me to do something’.

‘I don’t want to feel like this’.

‘I don’t want to look like this’.

‘I don’t want to get so angry when things don’t go my way’.

‘Why do I start something new and never finish it?’

‘I’m struggling and don’t know where to start’.

Can you relate to any of these statements? If so, ‘Strive’ can help you by using different approaches depending on what suits you best.


Mentoring can be provided if you are lacking specific skills or have any weaknesses that need addressing.

It can help build on existing skills and develop the strengths required to progress and work towards becoming more skilled or better at something, or even an expert!

It can be provided through direction, advice, sharing of experiences, analysing mistakes, errors or previous undesirable outcomes in a constructive way that helps provide a more positive outcome and one that you want.

It can include reviews, reflection and evaluation using expert means and tools.


Coaching is an approach more commonly used by ‘Strive’ when a person has the desire, ability and motivation to move forward to achieve something. They may however not be clear about how or what exactly they are going to do.

By using open-ended questioning, coaching can help an individual to identify actions that are timely and effective.

The advantage of this approach is that it helps a person identify for themselves, the steps to take. Providing encouragement and specific ‘tools’ to move forward in a way that is right for them.

The added benefit is that it is empowering and can help to build self-esteem and confidence.

It will include reviews which identifies progress towards the desired goal, which in turn is motivational.

The pros and cons of coaching and mentoring can be discussed, and flexibility applied as required.

The offer

As an individual seeking one-to-one support please see below for more information.

As an organisation or company director you may find this concise guide on the benefits useful.

Download Guide

The process

Phone or email with any questions or to arrange an informal discussion regarding one-to-one support.

There is never any obligation to take up an offer – it would be an informal discussion to enable you to obtain more information.

If you then wish to proceed an ‘intake session’ will be arranged (free of charge).

This is at a time to suit you and to ideally meet in person (or to have a more specific telephone discussion) to discuss your expectations and priorities in total confidence.

There will be discussions about what is driving and motivating you take up this service.

The external and internal factors which may have inhibited your success in the past.

The things that you value and believe in; all these factors can influence your progress and are important for ‘Strive’ to be aware of at the start of the working relationship.


To help you as an individual, to create clarity and release your full potential; to empower and support you in moving forward.

Additional information

Debra McAndrew of Strive is also a 2018 award-winning coach. See her story featured in The Coaching Academy Blog.


Fees are structured as follows:

  • Intake session (to find out more about your requirements, priorities and what drives you) – approximately 1 1/4 hours – free of charge
  • Series of 6 x 1-hour sessions – usual fee £300.00 (discounted for block booking)
  • Or Individual 1-hour sessions (no minimum booking required) – usual fee £55.00

To seek further information, have an informal, no obligation telephone conversation or to arrange your free ‘intake session’ please get in touch.