Leading with enthusiasm and purpose at the start of the new year is important. However, this does require sensitivity. Here are some tips on how you can do this successfully.

Send a ‘Welcome back to work’ email to your staff. Be genuinely interested and pleased to see them. Invest time in getting to know more about your team members. Ask about their break and reflect on the things that went well during the previous year. This is also a great time to set the goals and expectations for the year ahead. These can be reviewed and adjusted regularly as required.

Set yourself SMART goals and encourage your staff members to do so too. Going back to the basics will really help focus the team on the goals ahead. Book regular ‘catch up’ meetings with each team member and put time in your diary to ensure that these are not forgotten or put off to a later date.

Prioritise the tasks that make the biggest difference. Help staff to identify how they can become more efficient. Make small adjustments to routines or practice which would lead to a positive business impact and staff well-being.

Forward plan and review situations when setbacks arise. When things do not go to plan, model how to manage these challenges and embrace the idea of learning from mistakes. Ensure you view these setbacks as a positive learning opportunity and communicate this to your staff detailing how you will use this to refocus your plans.

Constructive leadership results in great staff morale and work ethics. Staff flourish when they have enthusiastic managers who consistently model the expected attributes and behaviours. Champion those team members who consistently demonstrate this positive disposition.

Celebrate successes, however small these may be. Ensure staff are praised and encouraged whenever they go the ‘extra mile’. A personal ‘thank you’ goes a long way and it helps with motivation. Share examples of success with different teams.

Leading with enthusiasm and purpose will motivate your team. Model the behaviour that you want to see reflected in your workforce. Constantly reflect on your management skills, ensuring you recognise what is working well and identify areas for improvement.

Best of luck with the new year ahead. Enjoy putting in place these simple management tools, and you and your team will enjoy a successful year.

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