I would have been excused 27 years ago for asking this, but not now.

There was very little support for new business owners back then. I really would not have appreciated how much a coach or mentor could have helped me. Now I realise that this support can be invaluable.

You may have been in business a long time or just starting out, either way there is more to know.

The background

Twenty-seven years ago, I established my own business. I became a manager. I was perceived to be the leader of my organisation by default, and yet I was inexperienced and very naïve.

I was a young mum, excited at the thought of doing something different; something that would help other women in my situation. Wanting to work but with limited childcare options.

I opened a day nursery for pre-school children. There were so few back then. I’d had no training in this sector. I had never managed people let alone employ them and yes, I was ‘oh so green!’

The reality

How often in the real world does this arise? Frequently, I would suggest from my own experience.

Individuals may have trained in a specific sector, whether this is in sales and marketing, engineering, retail, education, communications; the list goes on, but do they have the skills and expertise to then lead and manage a team?

In their wisdom they may decide to set up their own business, using the skills that they have acquired, or perhaps like me they find a niche: a service is not there, and with entrepreneurial tendencies they steam ahead.

Yes, I did business research and had a plan; ultimately there was a need for this kind of service and there was so little provision for working mothers at that time.

Like me, so many people will attempt to meet the public demand. They may stumble, learning as they go but worse still they risk their reputation by making classic business owner’s mistakes.

Risky employee situations

In some organisations people secure promotion because they are good at what they do. They then find out that they are expected to head up a team with no, or limited, management training or skills.

With this lack of management experience, they may fall out of favour with their staff or even their boss.

He/she had just assumed that as they were great at what they did before, so they’d be good in this role too.

However, the complexities of working with people and team dynamics takes some understanding.

With different personalities power struggles may emerge – not simple for the person in charge.

The great employee now feels helpless and disillusioned about their work.

Lack of motivation and enthusiasm may set in. A feeling of disempowerment because controlling other people’s behaviour is not an option; understanding is required.

The light bulb moment

You may work in the public, private or voluntary sector and can relate to some of the situations that I have described.

Twenty-seven years ago, I would have benefited from what is now commonly called ‘coaching and mentoring’. You may run a small business or work within an organisation needing help because you are experiencing some of the problems described.

I had to learn the hard way. But you don’t.

Since then, and with appropriate training, knowledge, expertise, and of course the early experiences as well as the more recent, I can now offer this much needed support. It is so interesting. Why is that? – because people are interesting even if challenging at times!

We are all unique and for this reason the issues that arise in business, or within management structures or teams are also unique. Each situation is different, but it does not have to be a problem.

The solution

For more information on what my coaching and mentoring for businesses and organisations could include please read one of my case studies here. Clients highlight how my style and approach enabled and empowered team members and raised their own self-awareness.

If you want to know more about the additional benefits of using an external independent coach and mentor download the PDF here.

A good match is so important.

If you like ‘positive, engaging and refreshing’ then I am the one for you.

No frills and no technical jargon available – that’s not me. Honest, upfront and keeping it simple and straightforward is.

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