You will know that ‘Company Director’ is not just a title – it’s a role that comes with a high level of legal duties as well as responsibilities.

There is an abundance of information available to you online. Your accountant may also offer this support to guide you through the legal minefield.

Lloyds provides some clear and concise tips regarding legal requirements in their article here.

It can be an exciting role but may be quite daunting at times which could have an impact on your personal life outside of work.

Strive has experience in helping business directors through the ‘sticky patches’ offering support, coaching and mentoring to realise the individual’s and company’s full potential.

The brief

In 2018 I was approached by Amanda who was a director working for a business established by Chris, her mother, many years previous. She was seeking support with new responsibilities and in a sector where her experience was limited.

Her mother was looking to retire or to at least take a less active role and had brought her daughter in to take the lead. Five years had passed, and they were not quite where they both wanted to be.

The offer

A free consultation was offered to Amanda.

This enabled me to establish the key facts regarding the situation and what might be required:

  • Amanda and Chris needed to clearly clarify their roles and those of their manager;
  • They wanted to better define responsibilities and expectations of each other to enable Chris to take less of a lead and to be relied on less for the day-to-day management;
  • Chris needed to ‘let go’ and Amanda needed to step up – both knew that this was necessary to get their company to where they wanted it to be;
  • Amanda’s knowledge in the work sector was not where she wanted it to be;
    She also lived a distance from the business and had two young children and a husband who often worked away – to ensure their needs were met was also very important to her.

It was jointly agreed that the best offer would be a combination of analysing priorities, discussing first steps, deciding on short and longer-term goals and to be a professional sounding board for Amanda.

Coaching and Mentoring was also included as part of the offer and Amanda requested regular meetings every 3 – 4 weeks to discuss her progress and to help establish new goals for the future.

The solution

Meetings continued over a six-month period with the sharing of useful reading materials on the topics raised by Amanda, signposting to appropriate organisations that could help her, as well as the provision of ‘tools’ or exercises that she could use to help plan and prioritise for herself and to think about how work issues might impact on her family life, or visa-versa.

Being able to identify the stress factors was made easier through these methods and Amanda had the sounding board and mentor that she needed beyond family and work colleagues. The ability to discuss sensitive and confidential matters in a trusting, professional relationship with a mentor and coach.

The outcome

Through one-to-one support of this kind, Amanda was then able to develop her own strategies for making changes at home which in turn helped free up time and meant she was more prepared for work issues with less stress and pressure.

Through clearly stating her goals, with the support of a coach, Amanda was motivated to take the steps needed, knowing that with a focus on these goals she could achieve the outcome she wanted:

  • Roles and responsibilities were formalised;
  • Amanda was empowered to take more of a lead at work;
  • Her mother was able to spend less time working directly within the business;
  • Amanda joined groups, attended conferences, sought further external advice and training. She also took the lead in networking with other professionals which heightened her knowledge in the sector in which she was working;
  • Day-to-day organisation, to meet her children’s needs at home improved.

Additional Benefits

Amanda reported that her confidence had grown in her role as company director and the coaching experience had also enabled her to focus on the issues that were important to her in her personal life.

If you are a company director or have similar responsibilities at work and you can relate to some of the issues detailed in this case study, ‘Strive’ can help – please make contact.

In addition, see a useful resource here about the benefits of using an independent coach and mentor.

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