The brief

Catherine, the owner of the school contacted me to carry out a ‘one-off’ review of her marketing methods. She had a limited budget for this piece of work. Her aim was to be more pro-active and structured in her means of promotion with the objective being to have more effective ways of engaging new clients in the future.

The offer

Working to a tight budget meant making best use of time. The suggestions in this case were to:

  • Have limited but focused telephone exchanges and meetings for brief discussions;
  • Use of email for quick communication;
  • Ascertain the business plan for future;
  • Carry out a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business);
  • Review the current promotional resources through analysis of a bespoke questionnaire designed through initial conversation with client;
  • Carry out a ‘gap analysis’ – outlining missed opportunities and assessing needs for the future;
  • Produce a report to include recommendations;
  • To hold a summary meeting to give feedback and clarify any points in report as necessary;
  • And produce a timeline for action on the client’s part and on the part of Strive.

Providing an offer meant there was flexibility before work started to make any changes to the contract that the client felt would be more beneficial.

The solution

The proposed offer was implemented but allowing for a few more discussions along the way to ensure the client could seek ideas and views from me as the work progressed.

This was factored into the contract and allowed for more flexible and tailored solutions to start addressing the issues uncovered.

The client was provided with ‘business tools’ and approaches to marketing which she had not previously used or considered.

The marketing review helped highlight the business development needs and provided her with materials and exercises that she could use with staff to get them on board.

“Debra has really helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses in my business promotion and advertising. Her analysis is very focused and relevant.”

The outcome

A report was produced for the client which included the ‘gap analysis’ and ‘SWOT’ analysis.

It was in an easy to read format with clear recommendations so that the client could, if she wished, use it and make it available to her staff. The client considered that this was useful as she had a small team that worked together very closely.

A clear course of action for next steps was identified.

The work was structured in a way that enabled Strive to pick up on other business weaknesses and provide some ‘top tips’ on various topics.

“I have realised that I need to have more of a business head.”

Additional benefits

Strive provided an objective approach and the client recognised the additional benefits as being:

  • An identification of the unique aspects of the service provision which could be showcased to prospective clients to make it a more attractive option in a competitive market;
  • A raised awareness of a need for a more strategic approach to her business planning and the importance of dedicating time to this;
  • Prompts for further business development;
  • Signposting to other organisations that offer different types of support to small businesses.

“Thanks to Debra’s advice and detailed report I have a clear improvement plan and useful overview of my business.”

Is your business or organisation reaching the right people?

If an objective approach is needed to improve or further develop your marketing, with the aim of increasing the take up of your services or products, Strive, can help – please make contact.