Aiming to develop a range of leadership and management skills.

Do you have great employees who know their job well and carry out their work to a high standard?

Investment in your staff’s development is very important to you and ideally you would like to promote internally rather than advertise externally.

You’d also like to reward staff through promotion, and give them the opportunity and responsibility to lead a team, but perhaps they don’t have any leadership and management skills.

Does this sound familiar to you or your business/organisation?

Perhaps you have managers that struggle to deal with challenging team member’s issues or that shy away from confrontation? They are good at the more practical or technological aspects of their job but find it difficult to be assertive when they need to be?

Is your workplace a bustling environment with lots of pressures but your supervisors fail to organise themselves and do not prioritise work or maybe they fail to delegate tasks when they could do?

If any of the above statements resonate with you then this might be just the course.

Course Outline

A series of 4 bite-sized workshops each lasting 2 hours.

Course targeted at staff working as managers or team leaders/supervisors or those aspiring to move into management roles wishing to further develop their leadership and management skills.

What does this course provide that others may not?

Designed to be delivered to a small group of ideally between 6 – 10 people. There is a flexible agenda, which allows the trainer to tailor the content for the duration of the course to meet individual needs as they arise but also allowing whole group priorities to be considered.

The small group allows interaction, discussion and the building of rapport and trust.

There is time between each workshop for practice followed by a sharing of experiences.

The sessions are best held fortnightly, but frequency can be flexible depending on ‘best fit’.

Many popular topics are covered (see below) but there is also time for exploration and debate on any points of interest raised by attendees. Overall the delivery is fast-paced and focused to maintain interest.

The style encourages sharing of case studies (as appropriate and with ground rules) in a confidential environment.

There is support between sessions for individual learners: short reads, exercises & tools to support an individual’s specific learning style.

The trainer has 27 years of experience through running her own businesses and as a Hampshire County Council Business Advisor, Trainer, Mentor and Coach.

Typical topics covered

  • Styles of leadership and management to compliment the skills and development of team members.
  • An introduction to coaching skills using the GROW Model.
  • An introduction to ‘Situational Leadership’ and application.
  • Dealing with staff conflict.
  • The pressures of time in a busy work environment.
  • Interventions for managers to support the needs of a range of staff members with different skills.
  • Improving on personal leadership and management styles and skills including the benefits of developing Emotional Intelligence.
  • The benefits of effective ‘customer services’ (optional) or final ‘open session’

Aims and Objectives

To build skills in delegation, team building, addressing personal weaknesses and building on existing strengths. To develop problem solving skills and strategies for conflict resolution with the aim of building self-confidence and the self-awareness of attendees around all leadership and management skills.

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