Leadership and Management Development

Has your business or organisation had a recent management restructure or do you need to appoint a new manager?

Do you have senior staff that need some support in developing their skills?

Perhaps you are new to a management role or have a new team to lead and need to strengthen your knowledge and understanding of people management?

Maybe you employ an individual who you would like to promote but they have limited management experience and you cannot yet consider them for promotion?

Perhaps you need someone to oversee the leadership and management training needs within your organisation but cannot afford the salary to pay an employee in this role?

Leadership and management development using Strive could help address these issues.

The aim at Strive is to help you to analyse exactly what the issues are; where problems or weaknesses may be emerging, and then suggest a solution-based package of support. The intended outcome will be clear and will be goal orientated. Theoretically based, tried and tested methods.

Some of the additional topics covered are as follows:

Strategic Business Planning and reviews

Do you have a business plan and is it a working document? Have you carried out a recent appraisal of business needs – where are you now and where do you want to be? What action do you need to take to get you there? How, why and when?

An options appraisal

A tool to support decision making when an issue or problem has arisen. Do you need help in weighing up the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of the various options that you have, to enable you to make an informed decision? Strive helps to provide an objective view to support the process.

Implementing change

A decision has been made for change within your organisation or team. How can you communicate this effectively to keep staff on board? What do you need to do first, what needs to be in place and what further steps need to be taken?

Problem solving and trouble-shooting

Something is not working properly but the reason is unclear. Using external support to work through the issues often provides an objective view not always so easy when using internal sources of support.

Dealing with conflict

Do you need to develop a more robust system for managing internal conflict within your team? What is the root of the problem? How can it be addressed?


How do you spend your time? Juggling too many responsibilities? Are you a ‘control freak’ and do you find it difficult to delegate? Have you prioritised your work effectively? If so, why have you missed deadlines and why do you get to the end of your working day feeling that you have achieved very little?

Critical friend or confidential ‘sounding board’

Need an objective view with no bias on an idea that you have or a new way of working? Want to talk to a professional outside of your immediate workforce and know that all matters will be handled with integrity? It can be a lonely place as a business owner or manager.

Designing internal staff training, support and mentoring packages

You have no-one within your team that has responsibility for this or the time to oversee this essential piece of work to develop your workforce.

Do you need some help in developing systems that ensure new and existing staff get the support that they need?

Business research

Perhaps the market for your services or products has changed and you don’t have the time to carry out the necessary research yourself. Can you delegate this to someone internally or do you need external help with some aspects of the research?

Leadership styles

Do you like to take control, or do you tend to seek views from others and like to delegate? Autocratic versus democratic – what’s the best and what’s your natural style of leadership and management? How can you adapt to better meet the needs of your team or the situation in hand?

These are just a few of the topics that Strive can explore with you and help you to find the solution that works best for you.

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