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Welcome 2021

Published on 20, January, 2021 Leadership and Management

2020 was a particularly tough year for us all. A new year brings a sense of a new start and a brighter future but with the current challenges, what exactly is needed right now?

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August and Covid-19: The Dream

Published on 10, August, 2020 Business Development

August, for many businesses, families, and individuals, is a holiday time when things often slow down. A time to recharge, relax a little, and to have quality time with family and friends.

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Finding a way through Covid-19

Published on 27, April, 2020 Personal Development

In January when news first emerged of a new coronavirus, Covid-19, I had a feeling that it was going to be life-changing. Four months on and globally lives are so different.

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Starting the new year with motivation?

Published on 03, January, 2020 Business Development

The start of a new year for many people provides motivation and enthusiasm, but for others it’s a ‘slow burner’. How do you want to start your new year?

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The importance of ‘Soft Skills’ in leading and managing a team successfully

Published on 08, December, 2019 Leadership and Management

What are ‘Soft Skills’? They are the skills and attributes that enable us to interact more effectively and harmoniously with other people and not to be underestimated. But what exactly are these and can they be learnt?

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‘Managing Workplace Wellbeing’ a ‘hot topic’?

Published on 10, July, 2019 Leadership and Management

With more acceptance in today’s business world that stress and mental health issues can affect anyone at any time, employers must think about strategies and impact within the workplace.

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Personal Development – a journey through coaching

Published on 02, April, 2019 Personal Development

How often do you reflect on your personal development – your achievements and success and why is this important?

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Leading with enthusiasm and purpose

Published on 23, January, 2019 Leadership and Management

A new year is a great time to fine-tune your leadership skills.

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Setting goals – reflect, refocus and prioritise

Published on 02, September, 2018 Leadership and Management

Working in early years education and childcare for well over 25 years has been quite a journey!

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