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Speaking in public – improving your skills

Published on 28, April, 2022 Business Development

Is speaking or presenting in public a big fear for you or something that you dislike? Perhaps you do not get the outcome that you want?

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Need a change of focus?

Published on 11, August, 2021 Personal Development

The sector in which I have primarily worked, for the last thirty years; Early Years (EY) Education and Childcare, has been bombarded with constant changes to legislation. Covering just about every area of this work – much has been necessary, with safeguarding children at the forefront.

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What makes a great leader and manager?

Published on 09, August, 2021 Leadership and Management

A thought-provoking question. We will all have different thoughts, ideas and experiences that help us to answer this question.

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Is dealing with conflict so difficult?

Published on 15, July, 2021 Leadership and Management

Why is conflict in the workplace and even at home one of the most uncomfortable and for some, one of the most difficult things to deal with?

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Pay scales survey

Published on 24, June, 2021 Business Development

Needing the ‘heads up’ on salaries being paid in the Early Years (EY) sector in the current financial year?

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A Time of change

Published on 15, March, 2021 Personal Development

We can all be excused for finding 2020 a difficult year. With the Covid pandemic impacting all our lives, work and lifestyles have changed dramatically.

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Developing Leadership and Management skills needs practice and support

Published on 14, February, 2021 Leadership and Management

What if you are a skilled practitioner, aspiring to be a team leader or manager, and you rarely get the chance to prove yourself for a more senior role?

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Welcome 2021

Published on 20, January, 2021 Leadership and Management

2020 was a particularly tough year for us all. A new year brings a sense of a new start and a brighter future but with the current challenges, what exactly is needed right now?

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August and Covid-19: The Dream

Published on 10, August, 2020 Business Development

August, for many businesses, families, and individuals, is a holiday time when things often slow down. A time to recharge, relax a little, and to have quality time with family and friends.

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