The History

I have worked with people in a range of supporting and advisory roles since leaving college many years ago; as a social benefits officer, a medical receptionist and over the last 30 years I have held positions in leadership and management.

I established my first business in Southampton at the height of a recession in the early 90’s when more women were needing to return to work after maternity leave.

I had two young children of my own and childcare options were limited.

There were few nurseries and I had no management, sector or business experience. I found myself on a steep learning curve.

I opened my first day nursery in 1991, expanding to two sites and employing over 35 staff.

At this point in time many large organisations were developing family-friendly policies and incentives to encourage trained and experienced people back into work.

Through negotiations with HSBC I was able to secure a contract with them offering subsidised childcare to their staff.

During this time, I went back to college to study and secured qualifications in early years education and childcare, adult education, training, leadership and management.

What I consider however, to be my greatest achievements, were those that came from supporting and training others.

The nursery became a reputable training establishment; being the first business of its kind in Hampshire to have a young person achieve the newly launched NVQ qualification; another young person received the ‘Trainee of the Year’ award and the business was awarded with the ‘Investor in People’ (recognition for staff training and development to support the strategic direction of the business); the first small business in the nursery sector within Hampshire to acquire the award.

These accolades enabled me as an individual to influence and establish policy within my sector; I was invited by Southampton City Council to represent the private sector on their Partnership.

In 2001 looking for a change of direction and having the desire to influence and impact on the success of others I sold my business to Bupa. They had acquired a national nursery chain and wanted to add more nurseries to their portfolio.

I used the skills and expertise acquired in the previous ten years of running my own business to secure a senior post with Hampshire County Council as a business advisor, trainer and coach.

I held this post for 14 years acquiring more qualifications and gaining much experience from advising and supporting businesses and organisations in the private and voluntary sector.

The work included strategic management and development of projects and coordinating a team of multi-agency professionals within health and education.

Early in 2016 I left this post and established my own independent advisory and consultancy business known as Early Years Advocacy. Strive is a ‘trading as arm’ to this business.

I have worked on a range of contracts in Hampshire during this time – with business owners, managers, supervisors and team leaders as well as with individuals. I have also worked for a national charity, coaching and mentoring managers to help them to develop local networks of professionals.

I believe that every person within an organisation can make a difference.

To summarise: my passion lies in personal development; supporting and empowering others to be the best that they can be; coaching and mentoring to achieve business and/or personal goals; training on a range of topics and working on the development of ‘soft skills’ to make for an efficient and harmonious work force or home life. My work achievements reflect this.

I established ‘Strive’ in 2018 to follow my passion and use my skills and expertise in other sectors, always striving; ‘developing people to achieve success’.

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