Focusing on a positive outcome

‘Strive’ has over 25 years of experience in business and personal development to include leadership and management, training and support covering a range of topics as well as coaching and mentoring.

Debra McAndrew, the founder of Strive has a genuine passion for working with people to achieve success – whatever that means for the individual; personally, or in business.

Debra has a range of experience that has been acquired through running her own successful businesses; training and developing staff to a high level; working for a local authority as a senior business development officer and through coaching and mentoring individuals.

She helps people to take action that will make a real difference; helping them to step outside of their comfort zone.

It may be through finding different ways of working or to deal with challenges in a structured way; changing the mindset and seeking creative solutions to problems.

Having an end goal in mind

Strive can be a ‘sounding board’ or a ‘critical friend’ when a difficult decision may need to be made: to analyse the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ in an objective way.

With knowledge and experience in both business and people management Strive can support managers, a team or an individual to work more effectively and harmoniously with others.

Most importantly the approaches used help enable and empower organisations and individuals to become self-sufficient: to take the steps that will drive them towards achieving success. See the history and testimonials from clients and colleagues which evidences this.

Debra believes that ‘Actions speak louder than words’ – what you do, how you do it and how you behave may have a much bigger impact than the words that you speak.

Strive recognises that every situation is unique.

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