The focus is now on where you want to be.

There could be challenges and ‘roadblocks’ that are preventing you from moving forward.

You may want to set new goals and prioritise what is important in your work and life, and to establish a sense of identity and purpose.

Does this sound like you?

Are you not sure which direction to move in now and do you need encouragement and support?

Perhaps in your personal life? Or are you aware that you have a performance gap within your role at work?

A change of direction occasionally needs a helping hand and by reigniting the belief in yourself and taking more control of your life you will get there. Dissipating unhealthy thoughts and providing more empowerment will make a big difference.

I am a professional coach with experience and qualifications in this field of work and can help you to get to where you want to be.

Through studying and qualifying in this profession and being an award-winning coach too, I now understand how a personal coach would have helped me in my earlier working life.

This is my story.

The biggest challenges

Being an unemployed mother of two young boys and wanting to work but not sure which direction to move in and how to take my first steps, I tentatively looked at my options.

I recognised the need for childcare when there was a lack of it, and this gave me an idea for a great business opportunity.

It was a massive challenge – to set up my own day nursery business with only a basic knowledge; no qualifications in this field of work, and no leadership or management experience. If only I had known how invaluable a coach would have been – helping me, every step of the way.

Over time I gained more experience and went on to achieve a range of qualifications whilst running the business.

I wanted to be recognised as an outstanding practitioner and to do the best that I could for my staff and for my service users. This was my passion, but how could I do this and be authentic?

I looked for opportunities such as lecturing in colleges, sharing my experiences, establishing networks, working with Southampton City Council policy makers, and creating a training arm to my business. I was stretched beyond ‘my comfort zone’ but it became both satisfying and rewarding.

After successfully running the nursery for ten years, I decided to sell the business and my desire was to move on to new and different work, supporting others to do what I had done.

I became an advisor, coach, and trainer at a strategic level working, within Hampshire County Council. It provided me with new opportunities and I learnt a lot but it was also challenging at times.

With government budgetary cuts to local authorities, I then had an opportunity fourteen years later to leave this post and to establish another new business. This time as an independent consultant using the specialisms I had acquired in previous roles. It was another life-changing decision. Giving up a guaranteed income for a high level of uncertainty.

Shortly after this I also became the main carer for my mother who had developed Alzheimer’s.

It was a new, different, and more challenging role to any other I had ever held before. I needed to juggle this responsibility with my desire to run a successful business.

I needed strength and resilience and self-awareness. To know my own limitations and where to draw the boundaries.

I sought help within the coaching world and through contacts with like-minded people.

The reality

On reflection the reality is that life throws us many challenges, but also options, including those that the last year of Covid has presented. Times are changing yet again – for just about everyone, as we move forward in a different world.

Many of us have already made work and lifestyle changes and continue to do so, others may need help in exploring the options.

Over the last thirty years, through additional training, and further development, as well as my work and life experiences, I have learnt much about coping mechanisms and how to support others at times of change. Strategies and tools that work. Help is on hand.

Life certainly would have been so much easier though, in my earlier life if I had taken up the services of a coach; support with my decision-making and taking those necessary first steps to get me to where I wanted to be.

How can a coach help you?

A coach will:

Help you to focus and to identify your priorities right now.

Be committed to supporting you with your thinking and planning to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Help you get from A to B more quickly and efficiently than ‘going alone’.

Take account of your learning preferences.

Be non-judgemental, objective and challenge you as appropriate.

Offer you a totally confidential working relationship.

Share tools with you to challenge your thinking and to support the process.

Help you to manage any limiting beliefs which may be preventing progress.

Help you to deal with any negativity that you may be feeling.

Encourage you to think differently and support a change of mindset.

Provide accountability which supports motivation.

Support available

I can be your qualified, experienced, and professional coach.

I work with integrity and am dedicated and committed to doing the best possible job.

I am honest and open in my approach to people and situations and have a positive and ‘can do attitude’.

This is YOUR time to strive ahead! Please feel free to make contact here or find out more about my one-to-one support here.

I look forward to working with you.